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Our Budgeting Story

As an early career couple, we are interested in living smart: saving money and making the most out of what we have. We want to share with you what we have learned through our own journey to live efficiently and still find joy in our lives. 

5 things to buy from Amazon to keep your kitchen clean

5 Things on Amazon to Better Organize Your Kitchen

Happy New Year! Now that it’s 2020, as a typical routine for a new year, I spent time with my husband cleaning house and organizing miscellaneous items to keep the house clean and organized (especially in the kitchen).  We live in a one bed apartment and (believe or not) still...

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Why We Suggest Soylent Drink to Busy People

Before we started drinking Soylent, life was a lot more hectic than now. My husband and I consider productivity as our priority, and many times, we struggle to have lunch-to-go ready. Even the meal prep over the weekend wasn’t easy when we came back from a weekend trip or had...

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How to Travel for Free with Your Credit Cards

We all want the opportunity to travel for free.  One of the best ways to travel for free is to take advantage of the credit card offers out there. They often offer deals for points and credits that you can basically use for your future trips.   Sounds amazing, right? And...

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5 Reasons Why We Drink Kombucha Every Day​

My husband and I drink Kombucha almost every day. Now that it has become so normal, I don’t even remember how I would survive without this healthy fizzy drink. We often used to go get some carbonated drinks – coke, beer, cider, or Topo Chico, which we don’t crave anymore....

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Where to Start to Become a Minimalist

You like the idea of minimalism, and you look around your home. Well.. it looks like an impossible lifestyle you can have. Your home is full of miscellaneous items that you think you can’t just throw away. Where do I start? Can I really be a minimalist? If you are...

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