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Minimalist cat litter boxes you can find from Amazon

If you are looking for a new litter box, you can, of course, look for one at a local pet store or simply order from Amazon. A bigger problem is which litter box to choose especially if you are looking for a minimalist litter box.

This post introduces cat litter boxes that could keep your house simple and minimal. If you like to keep a minimalist theme throughout your house, this post would help.

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In fact, your new cat’s litter box will soon become a major part of your daily scene, and you probably want to choose a litter box that goes well with your home decoration.

I had to consider so many litter boxes for our tiny apartment since I like to make sure that the litter box functions well with a decent design. 

My deciding factors for a minimalist cat litter box were:

  • Simple Design
  • Sturdy Materials
  • High Functionality


I am very satisfied with the research I have done and happy with the litter box I have finally chosen.

We are living in a small apartment, but even after we move to a bigger house, I think our litter box would work well. I like the minimalist style that does not have too many things going on at the same time.

Below is the final list of the litter boxes I chose, and I will share at the end what my final choice was.

This post introduces cat litter boxes that could keep your house simple and minimal. If you like to keep a minimalist theme throughout your house, this post would help.

1. AmazonBasics No-Mess Hooded Litter Box

Although this was not my final choice, I wanted to introduce this AmazonBasics Litter Box.

AmazonBasics products are well-known for their simple design, affordable price, and high functionality. 

This litter box has also received good reviews from Amazon.

This litter box has a dome-style cover that could prevent any spill. Having a swinging door also provides less opportunity to make a mess.

I didn’t choose this litter box because I felt like this style looks very heavy and big. If you are living in a small apartment like me, this litter box would definitely be a focal point.

If your primary goal is to buy a litter box that can keep the cat’s private space hidden and at the same time, make a less mess around the litter box, this litter box would be a good choice.

There are also options without a door, so make sure to check all of them from Amazon.

>> Click here to find these AmazonBasics hooded litter boxes from Amazon

2. AmazonBasics Top Entry Litter Box

I really thought this would be my winner litter box. This top entry litter box is very simple and neat. This would fit in any corner.

But then, one thing I was concerned about was that cats are typically not familiar with the top entry style. If my cat is too lazy or feels uncomfortable, she might decide to pee somewhere else! I also found a review that this style works for a small kitty and may not work for a big heavy cat, which was an issue for me as I was wanting to find a litter box that lasts for a while.

Don’t misunderstand, though. There are very positive reviews for this litter box with almost no mess from the litter. So, if you like this design, make sure to check the reviews to learn different cases.

>> Click here to find AmazonBasics top entry litter boxes from Amazon

3. Simple Open Top Litter Box

If you are more looking for a litter box that is more open, I would need to introduce this litter box.

As much as I care about keeping house clean and not smelly, there are things that I just can’t compromise. If you want your cat to have a comfortable experience with the litter box, you would need to have an open litter box and choose to live with this.

Yes, this litter box is very basic and simple. Funny thing is, after searching for so many different litter boxes, I had to come back to this basic style.

This litter box particularly has high sides to keep the litter inside the box. The entry part is low for a comfortable entry. You have a good grip on the side to carry the litter box when necessary.

I especially like the beige color tone that’s very minimal and not too outstanding.

>> Click here to find the simple litter box from Amazon

4. IRIS Litter Box with Hood and Handle

This is the litter box with a simple design that I really liked. 

The soft color works well with the minimalist style. The price was affordable, too!

>> Click here to find the litter box with hood and handle from Amazon

But then, I started reading the reviews and found out that the hood is not too sturdy. If the hood does not do its function, what’s the point?

I wanted a litter box that could last long.

And I found a better one.

5. Stainless Steel Litter Box

To keep our house minimal and simple, I kept searching for a simple litter box with high functionality. And this stainless steel litter box caught my eyes!

This stainless steel litter box is very simple and sturdy. You can clean it easily and the odor doesn’t last! All sides are high, so it’s easy to keep the area clean. 

Additional features include nonslip bottom, rust-free, and easy-grip from the side.

Also, because of the less rounded shape, it perfectly fits in a corner.

>> Click here to find the stainless steel litter box from Amazon

I first ordered the large size for my kitty to be able to use if for a while. But then I had to exchange it with the standard size because the large size was too large. The standard size is still big enough for an adult cat. 

And my kitty loves it!

6. Stainless Steel Litter Box with Enclosure

The stainless steel litter box itself is 6 inches high already, so typically it works.

But if you really need higher sides, this litter box with enclosure could be an alternative.

>> Click here to find the stainless steel litter box with enclosure from Amazon


There are numerous ideas out there to cover the litter box and hide it as much as you can, but I believe, keeping it open like me doesn’t hurt much.

What are your deciding factors when choosing a litter box?

My deciding factors for the miminalist cat litter box were 1) simple design, 2) sturdy material, and 3) high functionality. 

I believe that purchasing a long-lasting litter box that works for my kitty is a key to keep things minimal. And of course, on top of a minimalist design.

Hope you can find your perfect litter box!

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This post introduces cat litter boxes that could keep your house simple and minimal. If you like to keep a minimalist theme throughout your house, this post would help.
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