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Why We Suggest Soylent Drink to Busy People

Before we started drinking Soylent, life was a lot more hectic than now. My husband and I consider productivity as our priority, and many times, we struggle to have lunch-to-go ready. Even the meal prep over the weekend wasn’t easy when we came back from a weekend trip or had a special occasion over the weekend. Of course, we could always eat out, but we both agreed that eating out “just to eat” feels wasteful.

We were especially struggling because we stay at school until we go to the gym at 7 pm. It was too waste of time to go back home for dinner and head back to the gym on campus. We first tried to prep a total of 20 meals (10 meals for each) over the weekend, but it was really, really, exhausting. As much as we made our weekdays busy and focused, we NEEDED to rest over the weekend. We wanted to limit our house chores as much as we could.

Soylent, a meal replacement drink, has become our solution for that.  We now don’t have to have 20 meals to prep. We might prep rice bowls or sandwiches for lunch, a bottle of Soylent for dinner, and some snack. Of course, we could bring a couple of bottles of Soylent for both lunch and dinner when we really don’t have time. Although we rarely drink Soylent two meals in a row, knowing that we have Soylent as a backup has been always relieving.

In fact, we are known for Soylent advocates among people around us.

😊 Soylent was first brought into our attention in early 2016, and since then, on and off, we have kept Soylent close to us.

Here are a few reasons why we suggest Soylent to busy people like us.

Before Soylent, life was a lot more hectic than now. Soylent, a meal replacement drink, has become our solution for that.

You can spend time on more valuable and joyful things

I can’t imagine how much time Soylent has helped us save time and helped to prioritize valuable things. Nice meals can be of course joyful and fun, but not every meal has to be like that!

I would prefer having some time to relax and plan for the next week rather than spending hours to do the meal prep. I am glad that we have Soylent to prioritize things better.

Now, we enjoy even more of our weekend meals and eating out time to time. We don’t have to feel guilty spending time to eat out over the weekend. Because we don’t eat out so much, eating out has become even more special than it used to be!

Why don’t you minimize your time preparing for daily meals and spend the time on something else?

You can think less of meal prep, and simplify your daily routine

If you are a pro preparing a meal, you may be able to opt out. But I bet cooking is not always easy and quick for most of the busy people. Thinking about the grocery list and figuring out what we have in the fridge are not always fun. :/

Don’t misunderstand. I do enjoy cooking time to time. I even enjoy doing meal prep for the week! But life happens without expectancy, and when I lose track of a routine, my week becomes busier with all the meal prep I have to deal with.

My husband and I would be like, “Do we have something to eat for tomorrow? No? let’s then take a Soylent bottle for each.”

How simple is it?

You can save $$

Of course, food cooked from scratch is always the cheapest. And I would rather buy the raw ingredients to cook than eating out in order to control the nutrition intake. But again, life happens and I don’t always get to have time to prepare all the meals in the way I want.

Before Soylent, it led us to eat out spending tons of dollars unnecessarily. A decent meal would cost at least $10 while I don’t feel like the meal is that worthwhile.

Now, a Soylent bottle is less than $3 and we know we would only spend $3 if we need to drink Soylent instead of eating out or getting something at the drive-thru. If I decide to use Soylent Powder, it’s even less than $2 per 400 kcals.

You can be sure that you don’t lack too much of certain nutritions

When we first started the meal prep, balancing the nutrition was not easy. We once happened to have too much meat and not enough veggies (my bad). We once had too little meat, and I didn’t realize it until my husband started craving protein. Due to my joint health issue, I do need to take Vitamin D regularly, but it’s not always easy to think about taking the vitamin pills. 

A bottle of Soylent typically has 400 kcals (while some bottles are smaller or bigger). And this bottle will have 20% of the daily nutrition that we need! This means that if we drink 5 bottles of Soylent, all the necessary nutrition for a day is covered. If we drink one bottle of Soylent, we at least don’t miss 20% of all the nutrition and vitamins suggested for our body. How convenient!

So, what do you think? 

We’ve been recommending Soylent to many of our friends, and honestly some liked it, but some didn’t like Soylent.

It’s because we all have different priorities in life and are in different situations, and in fact, you might not be the right person to drink Soylent. If you want to know if you would like Soylent, read our post on the cases Soylent wouldn’t work

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing Soylent,  you can get $10 off from your first Soylent purchase. We also get a small commission if you purchase Soylent through this link. I’ve been sharing this referral link with many friends, and well, it’s good for all of us.


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Before Soylent, life was a lot more hectic than now. Soylent, a meal replacement drink, has become our solution for that.
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