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About Us

Nice to meet you all! Wayne and I, RyunJung, are an early career couple, living in Texas, who like to pursue a meaningful life. We are serious about our career and currently pursuing PhDs. We don’t want to consume time just to get the degrees without enjoying our life together. We want to make the most out of what we have, even if our funds are limited. We always seek for a smarter way to save money, live joyfully, and pursue our professional career at the same time.
We are not trying to become professional bloggers. We have normal lives with our own goals just like any others. Our purpose for this blog is to create a window into our daily life to live with intentions and motivation. We are not specialists in any of those areas we discuss in our blog, but we pursue learning and experiencing seriously. And we hope sharing our thoughts and ideas can benefit the readers as well. 
Wayne & RyunJung
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