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5 Things on Amazon to Better Organize Your Kitchen

Happy New Year!

Now that it’s 2020, as a typical routine for a new year, I spent time with my husband cleaning house and organizing miscellaneous items to keep the house clean and organized (especially in the kitchen). 

We live in a one bed apartment and (believe or not) still there is a lot to work on to declutter our house. Interestingly, it’s like a never ending task. 

At the same time, since our home is pretty tiny, it’s easy to tackle items/spaces to clean up.

As I tried to figure out how to make our home a more exciting and loving space, I have experienced a learning curve. Years ago, there was a time when I cleaned my house every weekend, though, I always felt like my house was so cluttered. I never felt like my house was clean enough. 

My husband and I started taking care of our apartment more intentionally, and I’ve realized that whether your house is small or big is not a major factor to keep your house neat and clean. It is more about how you organize items and the decision of what items to keep. 

Learning about minimalism has awakened me in a new way, and in the past few years, I have kept less items at home with more control on how I want the house to look like. I definitely have less stuff that gives me stress and more items that bring me joy and happiness.

My natural personality as a hoarder has some times dominated my decisions, Though, now I do have more control and have become more intentional with every purchase I make.

I would say, currently 80% of what we have at home are intentional items, and the remaining 20% are more sentimental items with not so much of any purpose. If I look back to 5 years ago, 80% of stuff at home were random items I kept just to accumulate… 

And yes, there is still room to grow and things to try. Still, I am pretty satisfied with where I am now. 

Along with the minimalist mindset that I value, I’ve also learned that keeping my house clean and neat requires an understanding of organization skills, especially if you have limited storage at home.

My husband and I did some new year shopping to reorganize books and items we have at home. As much as we prefer to limit unnecessary purchases, sometimes, spending is necessary to keep our home clean. We joke about it saying, “it costs money to make our home cleaner!” – which is undeniably true. Fortunately, it didn’t cost a fortune thanks to Amazon and IKEA.  

We first got a couple of cabinets from IKEA to store (and hide) miscellaneous things that make our home look cluttered. And then a few affordable items from Amazon.

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There is never a moment when we can say we “mastered” how to keep our kitchen organized and clean. There are always more things to learn and share.

And this time, I want to share the five items that I have learned to be useful to organize the kitchen. I wish I had known this earlier.

Below are what I think are essential, smart, and affordable to keep the kitchen organized.

Of course, more ideas are welcome to know! There is never an end when it comes to learning.

Keeping my house clean and neat requires an understanding of organization skills, especially if you have limited storage at home.

1. Oil dispensers

I am very excited to have these oil dispensers in my kitchen. It’s very functional and also pretty! We use oils all the time in the kitchen. Olive oil, canola oil, and sesame oil are what I use all the time, and I typically buy them in bulk. It was always a hassle to hide the oil containers that are ugly and leak all the time. Using these oil dispensers, you can keep the containers look consistent and different colors from the variety of the oils make it even beautiful! Not only it will make your kitchen neat and consistent, you will spill oil less and make less of a mess on the kitchen counter top.

2. Under Shelf Baskets

When space is limited (as it happens all the time), an additional storage space becomes very essential. These under shelf baskets can save a ton of space and keep your kitchen clean and organized. We always try to hide things in the pantry and cabinets but not always we have enough space. Often times, we hope for additional shelf or dividers to store more. This happens whether your house is big or not. If this is your case, try using this smart basket!

3. Shelf Racks

Under shelf baskets are one way to organize, and another way is to add more space by adding these shelf racks. These racks are more multi-use since you can use these not only for your pantry but also on the counter top or in the cabinets. Also, you can find stackable racks from Amazon instead to stack multiple racks vertically.

4. Cabinet organizers for spice pantry

If you have a variety of spices in your cabinet and always have a trouble reaching out to the one that you want to use, these cabinet organizers can be the solution. You can of course use the shelf racks introduced above, depending on the size of your pantry and the amount of items you have. The difference is that this cabinet organizer can store more items, and because of that, it can look more cluttered. But I wouldn’t mind as long as the pantry door stays closed. 🙂

5. Non-clear butter dish

Last but not the least! If you are like me who keeps the butter on the counter top to keep at room temperature, using the non-clear butter dish can help your kitchen look clean and organized. As much as I like all the pretty designs of the clear butter dish, when it comes to a real life, we know how dirty the butter dish can become after using the butter a couple of times… No matter how clean I try to keep the butter dish, it’s almost impossible. So if you have to choose a butter dish style between a clear and non-clear one, definitely choose a non-clear one to hide your mess. This is in fact same for the soup dispenser. A clear bottle may look nice, but typical dish soups are very colorful and a clear soup dispenser cannot hide it. If you don’t want to add a unwanted color palette to your kitchen, definitely choose a non-clear soup dispenser.


I used to have a habit of listing items on the kitchen counter top. Thankfully, now I’ve changed and try to put things behind the cabinet door to keep the counter top as empty as I can. 

Make the most use of your cabinets and shelves. And some tools like the listed items above can be really handy. Look for a smart way to multiply the space. 

What I’ve also learned is that keeping a certain color scheme can be important to make the kitchen consistent and neat. Avoiding clear soap dispensers or butter dishes can help as well. 

Last, add some greens! Plants will make your kitchen look even more gorgeous!

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Keeping my house clean and neat requires an understanding of organization skills, especially if you have limited storage at home.
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