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5 Reasons Why We Drink Kombucha Every Day​

My husband and I drink Kombucha almost every day. Now that it has become so normal, I don’t even remember how I would survive without this healthy fizzy drink. We often used to go get some carbonated drinks – coke, beer, cider, or Topo Chico, which we don’t crave anymore.

You might not have tried kombucha yet. You would probably wonder why kombucha is a thing for us if you haven’t heard about it. 

Or, you might be already a kombucha fan. I’ve seen many who said they NEED kombucha every day. Some do brew from home, but many simply just buy the drink from a local grocery store.

There may be many other reasons behind drinking kombucha, but here are the five reasons why my husband and I drink kombucha every day.

My husband and I drink Kombucha almost every day. Here are the five reasons why we enjoy our kombucha brewing and quit buying sodas.

1. Kombucha makes your gut healthy

Who can resist the health benefit of a tasty drink? What makes kombucha special is definitely the rich probiotics the drink contains.

Kombucha has so much benefit because it is a probiotic drink brewed through fermentation. Food that contains probiotics has been recommended for the gut health and effective digestion along with the benefits of enhancing our body immune system.  

Due to the general benefit probiotic food is known to bring, before we started drinking kombucha, I had to intentionally make sure I don’t miss out the probiotics in my daily life. 

Now, I’m no longer concerned about my probiotics intake. This fermented tea does all the work.

2. Kombucha tastes so good!

We don’t need to list five reasons if this reason makes sense to you. 🙂

Kombucha tastes so unique and different at first for sure, and it takes a couple of times to grow in you. Once you get into the drink, however, you are now with the new spectrum of taste.

The fizziness this drink has is beyond what we expect from a typical soda (enough to bring me challenge to open the cap without an explosion).

I typically brew classic ginger kombucha. The taste from fermented black tea and the fresh ginger is so refreshing. When fruits are added to the drink, it becomes a different level.

Depending on how you brew, kombucha can taste so different. This goes to the next reason why we drink kombucha every day.

3. Unlimited flavors. You never get tired of kombucha

There are literately unlimited ways to flavor kombucha. I haven’t tasted all out there for sure, and there is no way I can get tired of the flavor already.

Again, our favorite is classic ginger kombucha. We can, of course, add a pineapple piece for a hint of pineapple flavor. Same works for strawberries and blueberries (And any fruits).

4. Affordability

Kombucha is cheap. A good reason why we CAN drink kombucha every day. 

It costs less than a dollar for a gallon of kombucha. Not bad, right?

So, why are we drinking kombucha every day? We just have so much in our fridge!

We started brewing 1 gallon every time, and then increased to 2 gallons so we have enough extra. It really doesn’t cost much to make kombucha. So every time I brew kombucha, I make 2 gallons of it.  If our fridge was bigger and we had more bottles to store kombucha, I would definitely brew more than 2 gallons and even share with others.

It’s healthy, so there is no risk to drink kombucha so much every day.

After we started brewing kombucha from home, we also started drinking less of beers, ciders, coke, or Topo Chico. Well, this saves money even more!

5. We enjoy our healthy lifestyle

Last but not the least, what keeps us brewing kombucha non-stop is because we enjoy the fact that it is part of our vision for a healthy lifestyle.

Kombucha is indeed a guilt-free healthy drink with no sugar or any artificial stuff added. (well, technically, you do add sugar. But it won’t last after the yeast consumes the sugar.)

As an early career couple, we try to find a balance where we can keep the healthy lifestyle and at the same time stay minimal without spending too much.

I believe it is essential to find joy and passion in our daily life, and this everyday kombucha helps us remind what is truly important when our day job keeps us busy and hectic.

Of course, a single bottle of kombucha does not make us achieve the healthy lifestyle that we seek for. But it is definitely symbolic for us and a reminder.

Brewing and drinking Kombucha makes us feel very special and unique. It feels like I know a secret recipe only a few know (which is definitely not so true). 

Honestly though, how important is it to feel special? – even though no one really knows that we feel like that. 

This little thing really matters to us and spices up our daily life. We want to make our mundane days special. And this is why we drink kombucha every day. 

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My husband and I drink Kombucha almost every day. Here are the five reasons why we enjoy our kombucha brewing and quit buying sodas.
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2 years ago

My Kombucha is not very fizzy and I just learned that you need to put a little sugar!! thank you so much for sharing your secret.
I have a question, why my scoby is is not floating on the top? is sitting on the bottom or in the middle of the jar….it looks healthy but I don’t know if this is not normal or do I need to get a new scoby? I will appreciate if you give me your feed back.
thank you.